About us

The After Surgery Supplement is a doctor-formulated supplement designed to improve recovery after surgical procedures.

You will find no hidden ingredients or "proprietary formulas." What you see is what you get. All ingredients are purely sourced and are on the label. The After Surgery Supplement is intended to help patients Recover. Heal. Relax.

Dr. Ross Blagg, a plastic surgeon, formulated The After Surgery Supplement. Since medical school, Dr. Ross has been interested in ways to improve wound healing and recovery after surgery. During medical school he was involved in a study that evaluated factors that would improve skin graft take rates in mice, which ultimately led to scientific publication.

As a practicing plastic surgeon, Dr. Ross frequently asked his own surgery patients to take a collection of supplements, including vitamins, protein, and zinc to promote healing and recovery after surgery. In addition he often suggested holistic approaches to relaxation after surgery using natural substances, such as passion flower and valerian root. However, this required patients to purchase several supplements, often costing hundreds of dollars.

In an effort to have one supplement that could be taken to promote healing after surgery, The After Surgery Supplement was created.