How passion flower and valerian root help in after surgery recovery

Passion flower has been known for many years to have a calming effect. That's why many "calming" or "sleepy" teas will have passion flower in them. Similarly, valerian root offers similar relaxation. It has long been called "natures valium."

Both passion flower and valerian root have been studied in medicine under double-blind randomized controlled studies. This is the most rigorous type of study in science and medicine. And in both cases, each was found to be very effective in reducing anxiety and improving sleep.

In those studies, valerian root was specifically shown to reduce tension headaches, as well as hot flashes, and to reduce insomnia in post-menopausal women.  Passion flower was found to be as effective as oxazepam (a prescription benzodiazepine) in reducing anxiety and to be less sedating than oxazepam, meaning the patient had decreased anxiety but was more alert during daytime use. And yet another double-blinded study demonstrated that passion flower helped in treating opioid withdrawal symptoms.

After surgery, patients tend to be anxious and unable to rest for several reasons. Pain is an obvious reason patients have difficulty resting. While pain medications are important for recovery after surgery, using natural substances to help can offer a synergistic effect. This has been shown to be true in several studies where traditional medications were combined with either passion flower or valerian root.

Patients may also be anxious after surgery due to concern for how they will heal or because they are stressed that they are unable to work or to help around the house. Combining passion flower and valerian root together can help reduce this stress in some people and will offer them a calming sensation to allow them to rest better after surgery. Better rest means faster, better recovery.

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